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  • Montauk Golden Horse

    15 October 2012

    Actually, one of my favorite stories is about a Montauk golden horse statue found in 6037 AD near a city in ruins.What does it all mean. Perhaps we will find out in a day that is near. However, I fear that we may have to wait until a distant far off...

  • rock from mars

    12 October 2012

    Scientists find a rock from mars. It is a pristine piece. Like we can learn from it. What is it doing here on earth we ask you. That is a good question... Wonder if science has an answer. Oh, those men of science.

  • iran war

    08 October 2012

    Well, we believe an iran war is in our way. Sadly, that will mean soaring gas prices. Also, more TAX on us. Still, we do not want an iran war. Life is bad enough as is. Maybe war we see. Inflation will not stop the atomic iran program. For that we need...

  • Balloon jump

    03 October 2012 ( #Balloon jump )

    World's biggest balloon is set to take off now. It is going to carry a man. Oh yes, high into the air. Possibly the stratosphere even. This is an awesome era. 1960 was the last big balloon jump. Get ready for a new one. “Fearless Felix” Baumgartner will...

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    02 October 2012

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